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Narcosxxx Review

Oct 04, 2020

Are you tired of watching boring and monotonous porn videos? Do you need more excitement and get your hormones up? Well, you will be served. How about a scene in which you are the main actor? A series of actions directed by you with sex of beautiful women in a Colombian universe? That's what the porn game Narcos XXX offers you. Even if you've never heard of it, you can already imagine what awaits you there. 3D characters, sex, drugs, drugs and everything you could possibly want. Welcome to the world of drug trafficking with Pablo Escobar, Valeria Valez and Oratio Carillo for sensational moments.

What is Narcos XXX?

Three words effectively sum up this 3D game. They are sex, power and drugs. Do you know Pablo's story? One of Colombia's greatest drug lords whose story inspired the production of a series on Netflix. It was a great success with Internet users. Many of them wanted to embody this character, in one way or another. This was made possible by the porn game designers who created Narcos XXX. One thing that is obvious is that if you liked the movie, you will love this game that derives from it.

It's a 3D simulation that highlights all the characters of this successful series. The main events of the series are covered at each step. However, the story is told here in the form of sex at will to get you high. All details are revealed thanks to 3D technology for a more vivid feeling. The design is based on the plans of a real city to increase the impression of reality. You will dive into street sex during shooting scenes.

Indeed, this is an opportunity to fuck with the hottest and sexiest animated girls. So, as well as you play this role, the further you go in the game. The goal is to succeed in your mission to win some sex. If you are a gangster, your goal will be to conduct your activities with caution. You will be under the constant scrutiny of the federal government, which will be on the lookout for the slightest slip-up on your part. You will then be thrown behind bars and your progress will be stopped.

However, before entering into these wild sexual acts, take a moment to watch the trailer. It will give you a taste of what awaits you with the hot positions. It features the most beautiful girls you've ever met in a simulator. This exciting trailer says a lot about the game. It will take your body to the right temperature to enjoy these beautiful creatures.

Note that this simulator is the result of a good graphic design that allows a very practical handling. Moreover, the interface is easy and accessible on all browsers. It should be added that for the moment, it is only available in beta version.

How to play the porn game Narcos XXX?

Narcos XXX is played online from a connected computer. There is no need to download it to your device. You can access it directly online to participate in erotic scenes. To begin, you must follow each step of the ascent to ecstasy.

The characters of the game

Three characters are available from the start to help you accomplish your missions. They are Pablo Escobar, Valeria and Oratio. Your actions will therefore be defined according to the avatar you have chosen. You can then use the charms of the lady to achieve your goals by seducing whoever you want. On the other hand, in the skin of the men, you will have all the women within your reach. You can then sleep with all the women you meet on your way.

Indeed, you can't talk about drug trafficking in Colombia and not involve the DEA. So there are several sides in this sex game: the police on one side and the traffickers on the other. However, it is important to know that working for the good guys is much less exciting than being at the head of a cartel. In this camp, you will have to conduct investigations to dismantle a network. To do so, you will use every means at your disposal to accomplish your mission. You will then be in the character of Oratio Carillo, Pablo's worst enemy. His only goal is to put a brake on Pablo's fervor and put him under lock and key.

On the other hand, if you are on the other side, you will have to conquer the cocaine market. Your goal is to have the money and the power to get the carnal pleasure wherever you are. You will then embody the character of Pablo Escobar to help him achieve the political career he covets. His only weapon will be his penis to hold this world in his hands. Dive into this adventure with him to reach the height of excitement.

And to make your experience more sensational, take on the appearance of the sublime Valeria Valez. This magnificent and immoral instigating journalist, ready to transform herself into a luxury whore to achieve her ends. She doesn't hesitate to sell her charms and her dream body to extract the information she needs. You will use her to get many other things you should discover while playing.

The principles of the game

In this universe, the main weapon you will need to climb the ladder is your gender. It will be useful to you to extract information, obtain favors, or punish misconduct. You can also use it to offer pleasure to all those you meet during your evolution.

To begin, you must choose a character among the 3, then choose the level of the game. The latter can be soft, hardcore or more hardcore. On the other hand, you will be asked your age since this is an adult game. Then, you will have to register by filling in your email and other useful information. You will then be able to customize your avatar and start playing either as a gangster or as the police.

Indeed, as Pablo Escobar, you have to start at the bottom as a member of the cartel. Then, you must climb the ladder by protecting your gains and fucking as many women as possible. To be number 1, you will have to eliminate your enemies, but also avoid the DEA. However, you will need to be especially careful of women seeking revenge. They will be numerous since you will be led to sleep with whores and stars. Even those that you would have captured will be your sex slaves to experiment new positions.

Let's play the game!

Once you have completed the first steps of registration, you will have to click on instructions or start the game. In the first one, you will learn about the commands in order to apprehend this new universe of pleasure which is offered to you. The configuration of Narcos XXX is no different from that of popular games. It uses keyboard shortcuts to direct the character's action and allow him or her to ascend. For example, fire with the left click of the mouse, and kick with the right click.

Also, use the G key to throw a grenade and R to reload your weapon. You can't forget these commands if you remember the first letter of the action you want to do. Also, as you progress through the game, you will become familiar with its handling. It will then be even easier for you to apprehend this world that will belong to you from now on. Now, you can click on Start the game to discover this erotic atmosphere.

The handling of the game is not at all complicated. It is possible with one hand resting on your mouse and the other hand completely or busy with something else. There are a lot of features, which you can access with your pointer. You can then access objects in the course of your evolution that could be of use to you. You will have to interact with these elements by right-clicking on them. You will then define an action to perform on them.

Who can play Narcos XXX?

Although it is in beta at the moment, Narcos XXX can be played by all porn fanatics. It is also accessible to lovers of adult games of all kinds. The fact that it is available online is a real asset. This makes it easy for people who prefer to play in secret.

Indeed, with a flash browser, they can enjoy a sexual gaming experience for intense desire. To make the figures speak for themselves, it should be noted that more than one and a half million players connect to the site every month. The majority of these are located in countries such as the United States of America and China. The French and Brazilians do not remain on the sidelines, without forgetting that it is accessible all over the world.

The only condition to enjoy these online porn games is to be 18 years of age or older. The site puts a particular point on this parameter. This measure is taken to protect children from hardcore scenes and wildly beautiful women. Moreover, it is possible to get a kick out of it, which is not suitable for a minor.

It is also not recommended for people with a heart condition because of the intensity of the excitement. It is a 3D porn with a great chance of immersion for the player.

Is Narcos XXX free?

Like all online RV porn games, Narcos XXX has terms of use. These ensure a better experience for the players. To do so, one of them requires registration, which is mandatory. This involves providing personal information and credit card number. This phase is important, although you will be given the opportunity to play for free.

A free trial period

Your registration will be validated after you have inserted your credit card number. However, this does not mean an automatic payment as soon as you start the simulator. No fees will be charged during the two-day trial period. During these 48 hours, you will have unlimited access to various premium pornographic platforms.

This allows you to enjoy explicit content at will during the test phase. This way, you will be able to see the benefits Narcos XXX will offer you after the subscription. Afterwards, it is up to you to accept the conditions to upgrade or not. However, if you do not wish to continue, you will have to cancel your subscription before the deadline.

A subscription for an unlimited service

Although it is a site running on a standard freemium model, Noarcos XXX is a paid site. In reality, once you get a taste for the sensation, it is impossible to go back on your steps. You'll get carried away by the action and you'll go beyond the trial period without realizing it. It is only then that you start paying for your subscription to continue the adventure. It will cost you about 35 € which will be charged on a monthly basis. However, it gives you access to a range of advantages.

Indeed, by paying this amount every month, all the privileges of the site will be granted to you. This implies an unlimited access to the directory of adult games linked to it. This means that you will be able to play them without any additional registration. This is a catalog with more than 200 games in various domains. In addition, it gives you the benefit of sexual pleasures through a webcam account. This will give you the possibility to communicate with the hottest girls in the system.

Apart from the games and associated elements, Narcos XXX offers you free access to a pornographic media library. It offers more than 1,000 DVDs of erotic scenes that will take you on a journey into a wonderful world. However, despite all these advantages, there are no hidden or additional fees. Your subscription already takes all this into account.

In addition, an invoice will be sent to you at each withdrawal for more transparency. However, it is possible for you to cancel the contract that binds you to the platform. To do so, you will simply have to cancel the subscription and nothing will be taken from your account. However, it is unlikely that you will want to interrupt the adventure. It is very addictive and does not make you regret your choice.

Advantages and limits of the game

While this does not make them unworkable, all adult porn games have strengths and weaknesses. Narcos XXX is no exception to this rule since it too has both positive and negative sides.

The positive points

Narcos XXX meets all the conditions and offers all the privileges one would expect from a porn site. It also offers a complete range of adult content. The rewards for sex meet the expectations of the players. They don't