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Sex Emulator Game Review

Oct 07, 2020

What is Sex Emulator?

Sex Emulator is an adult video game that gives you the ability to create your own virtual woman or as some would say, “build a babe”. This opens up a wide range of other opportunities. You can train your virtual girl with whatever sexual skills you want, have her perform oral sex, spank her and a list of other erotic things that will certainly satisfy your deepest fantasies.

In this Sex Emulator Game Review, I will tell you about the ins and outs of this wonderful sex game called Sex Emulator.


  1. Sex Emulator is Free to play
  2. Awesome graphics quality, especially as a adult web browser game.
  3. Realistic feel based on physics.
  4. Game can be played on desktop, tablet and mobile because it’s an adult web browser game which is very good.


  1. To get some of the best features you need to sign up
  2. The dynamics of the game is not very wide although upgrades are continuously being added.

Playing Sex Emulator Game

The porn game Sex Emulator is largely based on training your virtual girl and making her better and better at pleasing you. The more she performs certain your sexual favors is the better she gets at it.

At the start of the game, you will be greeted by your virtual girl. She starts by asking you a set of naughty questions which will help her to know you more and what you like.

You get to choose her physical features. You basically get to "build a babe”. Things like hair color, boobs size, skin color can be chosen by you. Once that is done, you will then get to play the game at the different levels. You are given five (5) actions - spanking, anal, tits, feet and blowjob.

Let me first say that I had a lot of fun playing this adult game, SexEmulator. I have never tried porn games before until now. This was mainly because it was not clear if I would enjoy it. But after trying it out and building my virtual girl, it felt so real and I enjoyed every bit of it.

You may wonder, how could a virtual girl have the same effect as a porn star ? ????

I’m glad I gave it a try! One of the things that I like about Sex Emulator is the way it starts. You do not need to register to play Sex Emulator. Right at the start, you get greeted by your horny virtual girl, with her seductive voice, ready to be trained by you.

It is so wonderful that you can enjoy the gameplay without having to provide registration information.

The way your virtual babe will speak and respond, is just amazing. It makes you just want to reach for her through the screen and fuck her for real!

After trying out Sex Emulator, I was convinced that I made a good choice. I enjoyed this adult game a lot.

Signing up for Sex Emulator Game

Sex Emulator gives a lot of perks to users who signs up. Upon signing up, the website will verify your age and ask for your credit card details at the beginning.

Sex Emulator is 100% free. However, there are some perks that will cost a small monthly subscription fee but you can easily opt out of those. Some of these perks are access to the members area, Sex Simulator, Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault. Each of these comes at a monthly cost of $30 upon my last check.

After Signing up for Sex Emulator, you will also gain access to hundreds of other adult sex games online. These include porn games such as 3D Sex Sims, Hentai Games, Cartoon Porn Games, Knight Rises, Grand Fuck Auto and many more.

Sex Emulator Game - Technical Requirements

All you need to play Sex Emulator is a reliable internet connection and a browser such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox. Most of additional adult games given access to after signing up for Sex Emulator are also mobile friendly.

Final Review on Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is a well crafted adult sex game built on top of great graphics and wonderful sound quality with an interesting plot. This game is simple, but fun. The game is continuously being developed and therefore new features and dynamics are added quite often. I believe that sex simulation game is worth checking out, especially given that you can do try it for free.